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      •~•~•~In the name of of Allah the Merciful~•~•~•  

                      ∆Welcome to my profile∆  

Introduction about me ↓

Peace be upon you, my friends and girlfriends. I would love to welcome you to my personal page..........I am just a normal boy. I like to be special, but I am not arrogant. I like to make friends and talk with friends. I respect the privacy of others.I love helping them and I do not make problems. I make even if a mistake with me, of my dignity. I am kind to the good and  is cruel with the hypocrite and the evil I take into account the feelings of others and before I make fun of someone I put myself in his place I do not care about appearances and formalities,I am not a racist, I do not hate except those who oppress me and wrong others I am positive and optimistic I love order, cleanliness and arrangement I care about details And all that is important..............Advice {The more attached to others a lot, the more your weakness increases,and Do not attach your happiness to something or to someone you may lose easily}.

Get to know ↓

The name is Ammar..

Age (17) years

(Religion Muslim)

Nationality. (Egyptian) 

Date of birth. (2006-01-16)

Place of birth. (Cairo)

I am in the classroom (High school)

Personality. (Cute, smart, organized)

Current profession. (I work with my father in his veterinary clinic)

Future career (computer programmer)

♝(Play chess)♗  and  (Transformice)  and  (Subway Surf)

My family is Ali. (Minigamers) ↓

My little brother ♦Randy♦ 
My big sister ♦Kaia♦ 

The things I prefer ↓

Favorite food (Fatteh) Egyptian Food ;-; maybe you don't know that

Favorite fruit (pomegranate)

Favorite drink. (cane)

Favorite hobbies (drawing, playing football, programming)

Favorite video game (Transformice,playstation games ) If someone is playing Transformice, this is my account. Email me on the game {Meero#3910} i'll change this name later (' -')

Favorite cartoon. (Ben Ten) but the old one And all the old classic and some new animation

Favorite movies (comedies, documentaries, and horror hardcore) 

The preferred language (Spanish)

Favorite sport (footbal, Kung Fu)

Favorite team. (Al-Ahly of Egypt,Bayern Munich of Germany,Barcelona of Spain) I love this clubs

My favorite players (Mohamed Salah, Messi) Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian like me

Favorite animal (the cat ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ) But my father refuses to buy me a cat because he is a veterinarian and says that cats bring diseases, it does not matter that I love my father and mother

The things I hate ↓

Food (vegetable soup) (ᗒᗩᗕ) 

Country (Israel)

Animal (pig)

In the end ↓

I want to welcome everyone. I do not like anime, but I like their clothes and drawings. I hope that you evaluate my clothes and follow my personal page. Please invite me to succeed because if I succeed, my father will buy me a computer to play with you, anyway ......... I don't like a lot of words, No I like lies or deceptions, I do not believe in luck , but I do believe in God. 

                Written by Ammar, the completion date 10/2020....


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