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Adventure Games

1041 Free Adventure games added as of today

    • Mission Games
    • Point and Click Games
    • Room Escape
    1. A Knight's Quest - Quest For Milk
      A Knight's Quest - Quest For Milk
    2. Adventure Island
      Adventure Island
    3. Bob's way: Escape from Hell
      Bob's way: Escape from Hell
    4. Quiz Time With Chrono!
      Quiz Time With Chrono!
    5. Quiz Time With Chrono! Iii
      Quiz Time With Chrono! Iii
    6. Ambition
    7. Dighard
    8. Letter for Mimi
      Letter for Mimi
    9. Steelcurse
    10. Spear And Katana 2
      Spear And Katana 2
    11. Heart Of Tota
      Heart Of Tota
    12. Chief
    13. E.T. Escapes Time Trouble
      E.T. Escapes Time Trouble
    14. King William's Chocolate
      King William's Chocolate
    15. Origins
    16. Quick Sand
      Quick Sand
    17. Kidnapped By Robots
      Kidnapped By Robots
    18. Pricilla Gone Missing
      Pricilla Gone Missing
    19. Fallen From The Moon
      Fallen From The Moon
    20. Hood Episode 4: Memories
      Hood Episode 4: Memories
    21. Nature Secret
      Nature Secret
    22. The Pharaoh's Tomb
      The Pharaoh's Tomb
    23. My Territory
      My Territory
    24. James Crawler - Arctic Invasion
      James Crawler - Arctic Invasion
    25. Mr Looney Adventure
      Mr Looney Adventure
    26. Icarus Needs
      Icarus Needs
    27. Searching For The Elephant
      Searching For The Elephant
    28. Steppenwolf
    29. Magneto Syndrome
      Magneto Syndrome
    30. Automaton: The Introduction
      Automaton: The Introduction
    31. Scraps
    32. Papetura
    33. Inquisitive Dave
      Inquisitive Dave
    34. Scrolless
    35. Vindex Gladiator
      Vindex Gladiator
    36. The Golden Gauntlet
      The Golden Gauntlet
    37. Cat Pharaoh
      Cat Pharaoh
    38. Wayfinder Episode 2
      Wayfinder Episode 2
    39. Unfairy Tales
      Unfairy Tales
    40. Kidnapped By Aliens 2
      Kidnapped By Aliens 2
    41. Terrain
    42. Lost Catacombs
      Lost Catacombs
    43. Flophone Top Secret
      Flophone Top Secret
    44. Q-Compressing The Heart
      Q-Compressing The Heart
    45. Help The Hero
      Help The Hero
    46. Orloks Ordeal
      Orloks Ordeal
    47. A Crow In Hell 2
      A Crow In Hell 2
    48. Ghost Motel 7
      Ghost Motel 7
    49. Glean 2
      Glean 2
    50. Nevermore 2
      Nevermore 2
    51. Reign Of The Goliaths
      Reign Of The Goliaths
    52. Carnage
    53. Urbex
    54. Cam The Camera
      Cam The Camera
    55. Quiz Time With Chrono! Ii
      Quiz Time With Chrono! Ii
    56. Spooky Island Survival Escape: Day 2
      Spooky Island Survival Escape: Day 2
    57. Rew
    58. Death Run
      Death Run
    59. The Queen Of Snakes
      The Queen Of Snakes
    60. Paying The Debt
      Paying The Debt
    61. The House
      The House
    62. Aqua Boy
      Aqua Boy
    63. Slacker
    64. Adventure Ho!
      Adventure Ho!
    65. Shadow Regiment
      Shadow Regiment
    66. Pig Help
      Pig Help
    67. Mind Your Manor
      Mind Your Manor
    68. Avenue Of Death
      Avenue Of Death
    69. Misfits Do A Runner!
      Misfits Do A Runner!
    70. Brother Nephi's Adventure
      Brother Nephi's Adventure
    71. Mission In Space
      Mission In Space
    72. Archipelago
    73. Turn Based Battle
      Turn Based Battle
    74. The Golem
      The Golem
    75. Emergency Response Unit
      Emergency Response Unit
    76. Sol Dawn
      Sol Dawn
    77. Defenders Quest
      Defenders Quest
    78. Aeternus Lamnia
      Aeternus Lamnia
    79. Island Adventure
      Island Adventure
    80. Heart Of Ice
      Heart Of Ice
    81. The Everloom
      The Everloom
    82. James The Deep Sea Zebra
      James The Deep Sea Zebra
    83. Pazzo Francesco In Escape From Rakoth Dungeons
      Pazzo Francesco In Escape From Rakoth Dungeons
    84. Minulis
    85. Adventures Of Little Boo
      Adventures Of Little Boo
    86. Final Fantasy B
      Final Fantasy B
    87. The Title is Intentionally Left Blank
      The Title is Intentionally Left Blank
    88. Kingdom Of Liars 2
      Kingdom Of Liars 2
    89. Isle Of Earthly Delights
      Isle Of Earthly Delights
    90. Loa And The Island Quest
      Loa And The Island Quest
    91. Escape For 10 Sec
      Escape For 10 Sec
    92. Viking Quest
      Viking Quest
    93. Scarlet Stranger
      Scarlet Stranger
    94. Mission: Sneaking In House
      Mission: Sneaking In House
    95. Butler Mania
      Butler Mania
    96. In The Woods
      In The Woods
    97. Ge.Ne.Sis.
    98. Kidnapped By The Pharaoh
      Kidnapped By The Pharaoh
    99. Shapik: The Quest
      Shapik: The Quest
    100. Canguro Girl
      Canguro Girl
    101. Coffee Break Hero
      Coffee Break Hero
    102. Absalom
    103. Terrain Ii
      Terrain Ii
    104. Another Small Favor
      Another Small Favor
    105. The New World
      The New World
    106. Slacker 2
      Slacker 2
    107. The Journey
      The Journey
    108. Adventure Child
      Adventure Child
    109. The Inquisitor
      The Inquisitor
    110. Gearlock
    111. Otomaco Last Jade Journey
      Otomaco Last Jade Journey
    112. Flash Gauntlet
      Flash Gauntlet
    113. Industry 2
      Industry 2
    114. Under Construction!
      Under Construction!
    115. Journey To The Chaos - Monkey King
      Journey To The Chaos - Monkey King
    116. You Have No Legs
      You Have No Legs
    117. Treasure Diver
      Treasure Diver
    118. Hewitt
    119. One Button Vania
      One Button Vania
    120. Epic Revenge
      Epic Revenge
    121. Spooky Island Survival
      Spooky Island Survival
    122. Save Ed
      Save Ed
    123. Digininja
    124. Phantom Assassin
      Phantom Assassin
    125. Titan Gear
      Titan Gear
    126. Out Of This World
      Out Of This World
    127. The Descent
      The Descent
    128. Get Out
      Get Out
    129. Shore Acres: Brian's Night Out
      Shore Acres: Brian's Night Out
    130. King Story
      King Story
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